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East India Group established in 1989

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Thermocol Beans/Beads

Thermocol Beans/Beads

EPACK manufactures thermocol bean, thermocol beads and thermocol balls at industrial scale. We are the leading thermocol beans, thermocol beads and thermocol balls manufacturer with consistent quality based in Greater Noida, since 1989.

We can use Thermocol beans/beads/balls in filling bean-bags and thermocol beans also prevent mosquitoes from contaminating of the water of wells and ponds when spread over them.

EPACK India offers thermocol beans in different specifications for fulfilling the needs of customers. Hence, finding application in designing of several decorative items and home furnishing goods. Therefore, get thermocol beans for several industrial as well as commercial applications.

With EPACK, you don’t have to look further, we help you in achieving your business goals. Therefore, we are experts in manufacturing of customized and high quality thermocol beans which makes us different from our competitors.

These EPS micro beads are extensively used for filling cushions, mattresses, bean bags and other similar things. The products undergo quality checks at various levels of production and are then dispatched to the customers in proper packaging.

Applications of Thermocol Beans

– Bean bags filling.
– Prevents mosquitoes from contaminating the water of wells and ponds.
– Water proof
– Effective thermal insulation


– Uniform in size
– Biodegradable
– Non-hazardous
– Easy to use
– Perfect finish
– Different sizes and densities
– Moisture resistance

We can use thermocol beans for above all mentioned features.

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