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EPS Pallets

These pallets are manufactured using EPS and have a PVC film coating on their surface. Light in weight, EPS pallets find their application in large scale of export products.

The pallets are very low in weight. Certain pallet formats are suitable as cargo carriers for display packages in stores.

EPACK India is engaged in manufacturing a range of light weight EPS Pallets broadly used to store and transport heavy products safely and in an organized manner. These light weight pallets are placed below the products to protect them from getting damaged. Made using sturdy materials, these pallets are available in varied dimensions and colours that clients can choose from. Use of high impact polystyrene provides much strength. Features of EPS pallets include: clean and hygienic; easy to move around; easy disposal; easy to trace; non-hazardous; recyclable; light in weight; and no need for fumigation.

eps pallets, eps thermocol pallets

Beginning in the year 2006, EPACK embarked on the course of manufacturing pre-fabricated structures after achieving huge success in EPS thermocol insulation and molded packaging, and is today established among the top ten manufacturers in India in terms of customer satisfaction. EPACK has a wide infrastructure for products like thermally insulated panels, PEB structures, etc.

The major advantages of EPS Pallets

  • Ultralight
  • Strong
  • Insulated
  • Waterproof
  • Tailor Made
  • Vermin Free
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Environmental friendly

EPS Pallets are water resistant as well as recyclable and CFC free, it is deal for hygiene sensitive applications. The EPS pallet has a flat top design, which is useful for many applications of storage and movement of goods.

Comparison between EPS pallets & Wooden/Plastic Pallets

EPS Pallets

Cost effective


Easy to move




Wooden/Plastic Pallets



Tough to move




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