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Thermocol Insulation For Industrial Refrigeration

Thermocol insulation for industrial refrigeration, we provide thermocol pipe sections which are used in insulation for pipes and as well as effective and efficient insulation for low temperatures i.e., cold storage, industrial refrigeration, refrigerated vans, sound insulation, commercial and household air conditioning. It used multiple-layer staggers and broken joint arrangements in pipeline insulation carrying chilled brine or water, air conditioning ducts, etc.

EPACK is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Thermocol products for hot and cold insulation all over India. We are manufacturer of a wide range of thermocol products which include thermocol pipe section, eps thermocol pipe section and white thermocol pipe section.

thermocol insulation

Available these thermocol products in various shapes and sizes and can be customized as per precise requirements of clients at reasonable prices.

Refrigeration plays an important role in many applications which includes heat removal in industrial process applications, space conditioning for preservation and cold storage in the food industry. Industrial refrigeration systems can be found in nearly every developed location in the world. Its prominent features include good thermal resistance, excellent chemical resistance, fine heat resistance and dimensional stability.


Cold Stores for Food Preservation:

Thermocol Insulation is useful in cold storage for food preservation. Some foods stay longer at low temperatures, cold stores are the logical approach to the problem. Therefore, the advantages of thermal insulation lining the roofs, walls, and floors of storage chambers.

Industrial Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning:

We involve in the processing, storage, and transport of special products at controlled low temperatures. Hence, use these thermocol products in chemicals, petrochemical, fertilizers, drugs, pharmaceuticals, synthetic yarn, and electronic, optical, and precision goods.

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