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EPS Thermocol Packaging Shape Moulding Boxes for Mug

Thermocol is a form of expanded polystyrene that is white and manufactured from chemically treated pre-expanded polystyrene granules. Since coffee mugs are fragile, glass or ceramic, they require good packaging while transporting them. Thermocol for coffee mug packing is now a globally used material to pack coffee mugs to ensure they remain safe and protected.

Types of EPS Thermocol Packaging Boxes for Mug

Whether you are searching for thermocol for single coffee mug packing, thermocol for 6 mug packing, or thermocol for 12 mug packing, EPACK, a leading EPS Thermocol company can manufacture and supply you with customized thermocol packaging.
We manufacture and supply industry-standard and high-quality thermocol for packaging, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the sector.

thermocol blocks

Benefits of Thermocol Packaging Over Other Materials

Thermocol is an excellent heat and cold protection product that also protects items from weather damage. We use thermocol to safeguard items from transportation risks. Moreover, you can easily mold thermocol sheets into any shape to cover things. This is why our range of thermocol for coffee mug packing can be an ideal option to keep your coffee mugs safe, no matter what the situation is.

Because thermocol is strong and absorbs shocks, it’s great for packaging and shipping products. It has no flavour, no odour, and is resistant to fungi. As a result, it’s the ideal packaging material. It also aids in maintaining a reasonable temperature that would avoid any cracks in your coffee mugs.

Why Choose EPACK India Thermocol Company’s Packaging Materials?

Our range of thermocol for coffee mug packing comprises the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge machinery. These materials have high compressive strength, are lightweight, and have a good shock-absorbing ability. As a result, it aids in the safe packing of the objects. Furthermore, most of the packaging uses the products we offer.

We offer bespoke EPS Thermocol Mug Packaging materials. Our thermocol boxes keep your fragile coffee or tea mugs secure during transportation before and after they have been elegantly printed with various graphics and designs. It’s made of the highest-quality materials and is dimensionally correct to fit each mug perfectly and keep it safe. Each mug comes in a thermocol box with an outer cardboard wrapping for added robustness and security.

EPACK India Thermocol Company will assure you that we will provide the best thermocol for coffee mug packing. So, contact us now and share your requirements.


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