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EPS Thermocol Geofoam

Geofoam is a geotechnical item used in fill applications where a lightweight material is required to reduce weights on underlying soils or sidelong weights to holding walls, supports or establishments. Geofoam is a lightweight, rigid foam plastic that has been used the world over as a fill for over 30 years. EPS Geofom is around multiple times lighter than most soil and somewhere around 20 to multiple times lighter than other lightweight fill options. This major difference in unit weight compared with different materials makes EPS Geofoam an alluring fill material. Since it is a soil alternative. EPS Geofoam embankment check be secured to look like normal sloped embankments or completed to resemble a wall.

Geofoam has been used in building and geotechnical applications, specifically Geofoam transportation applications. EPACK Geofoam is a cell plastic material that is solid, however has a low weight – 1 percent of traditional earth fill materials. Geofoam is manufactured in block shape and is effectively situated at the construction site. EPS Geofoam is unaffected by ordinarily happening climate at the season of installation and will hold its physical properties under construction conditions of utilization.

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Geofoam Thermocol

Our customers can benefit Geofoam blocks that are handled using quality scope of polymeric extension that is obtained from the reliable vendors of the industries. EPACK India offer our range as substantial yet light weighted thermocol blocks, which can be stacked one next to the other to fulfill various applications.

In light of the application and partition, our range can be availed by our customers in different specifications as required by the customers. EPACK is the largest manufacturer and supplier of EPS Geofoam in India.

Application of EPS Geofoam

Geofoam can be used as a dike fill to reduce loads on underlying soils or to assemble highways rapidly without staged construction.

1. Road Embankment construction
2. Road/Parking Lot Insulation
3. Foundation Fill/Insulation
4. Bridge Abutment Backfill
5. Retaining Wall backfill
6. Levees/Dikes/Berms
7. Slope Stablization
8. Landscape Design
9. Plazza Decks
10. Green Roofs
11. Podium

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