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thermocol water farming

Thermocol Sheets- Water Farming

Water conservation is essential and everyone must play their role to save water. And in a crisis like the drought, saving water is the need of the hour to curtail wastage. Mostly, Indian farmers are practicing rain water harvesting in the form of farm ponds. Minimization of evaporation is a key factor in guaranteeing the availability of water in the future.

We can use thermocol sheets to reduce water evaporation. Reducing evaporation from small farm pond with the use of thermocol sheets as floating cover. Get results are compared with another farm pond without any floating cover.

Due to thunderstorm, thermocol sheets might be broken but the effect of floating cover still remained and saving of water continued although it was slightly affected. Therefore, this technique is simple and can be very much useful to the persons in the areas where water availability is a problem. Hence, thermocol is useful as floating cover to control evaporation of the water.

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