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Benefits of EPACK Geofoam in Construction

Eps Geofoam Manufacturer

Since the 1980s, expanded polystyrene geofoam has been used as a geotechnical material. It represents about 1% of the weight of the soil and less than 10% of the weight of other lightweight aggregates. The load on the ground and adjacent and lower structures is reduced by the use of expanded polystyrene as lightweight backfill.

EPS Geofoam is not intended to be used as a replacement material for traditional floors, it is intended to solve an engineering problem. Geofoam is easy to handle during construction, typically does not require special equipment, and is less susceptible to the elements, which helps reduce construction time and save construction costs. It can be easily cut and shaped on-site, further reducing field obstructions.

EPACK India is one of the leading Geofoam manufacturers and suppliers in India. EPS Geofoam is only about 1% denser than soil but is carefully controlled during manufacturing, resulting in a wonderful ultra-light infill that reduces stress on the underlying substrate. The lighter weight reduces settlement and increases stability if the bearing collapses or tilts. It can be produced as a design product achieving the required compressive strength.

Advantages of EPACK Geofoam in Construction

There are several design considerations for EPS geofoam applications. EPS geofoam weights 100 times lighter than soil and 30 times lighter than traditional fill solutions. Specifications and structural elements are factors to consider. This section describes the benefits and unique features of using EPS geofoam in construction.

  • Lightweight
  • Strength
  • Ease of Handling
  • Reduce Construction time and cost
  • Stability
  • Insulation
  • Buoyancy
  • Water Absorption
  • Sustainability

Major Benefits of EPS Geofoam

EPS geofoam is versatile and can be used for many purposes in construction and landfilling. Geofoam has high thermal resistivity (R-value), and is a good insulator. Roadway surfaces overlying geofoam installations can become hotter or colder than adjoining areas that do not have geofoam. It is used for slope stabilization, soft soils, retaining wall construction, airport runways, pavement and roads, storage tanks, stadium and theatre seating, bridge abutment, insulation, and underground building segments to reduce seasonal heating and cooling needs.

EPACK India provides eps geofoam for any applications you may have. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or civil contractor, EPACK Group can help you make your next project a success. Our services and products are of the highest quality and we offer quality assurance. Contact EPACK GROUP for geofoam for any construction projects.

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