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The Role of Geofoam in the Evolution of the Modern Construction Industry

Eps Geofoam Blocks

The use of EPS geofoam has become a popular material that contributes to sustainability and efficiency in the construction world.

Crushed stone, soil, sand, and other earthy materials have dominated the construction industry for centuries. These familiar, ubiquitous, and affordable brands have made them a favorite of the construction industry over the years. However, as their quality can vary depending on the source they are dug from, it can change depending on factors such as the weather, these things are often unpredictable, which led the company to look for more stable and durable materials.

In recent years, the concept of “less is more” has penetrated almost every aspect of the modern world, including construction engineering. To achieve this, geosynthetic material is emerging as a new lightweight addition to traditional construction materials, providing solutions to many building challenges.

EPACK Geofoam proves to be especially useful in this case, since the material is considered the perfect material to solve the problems of the house due to its flexibility and unprecedented resistance. Considering the rapid increase in popularity of this material, as well as its strong strength in applications ranging from slope stabilization to soil remediation, retaining structures, lateral road reduction, and more, it is evident that the global geofoam market is poised to cross $1 billion by 2026, according to a report from research firm Global Market Insights, Inc.

EPS geofoam helps soften and absorb the effects of gravity, earthquakes, and other natural forces, instead of stiffening or strengthening structures against them, giving engineers the strength to create more flexible and targeted solutions for different construction challenges.

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