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Benefits of Using EPS Geofoam Blocks for Highway Construction in India

EPS Geofoam

Every year, more and more roads and highways are constructed to meet the growing demands of the country. However, this new construction or expansion of infrastructure of the roads and highways may end up being built over loose or soft soil that does not have the ability to support the associated loads.

So how do you reduce the vertical stress of these projects on the soil below? One solution is by using expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam blocks, or structural foam blocks.

What Are EPACK Geofoam Blocks

EPS geofoam is a lightweight foam plastic that’s manufactured into blocks and commonly used as a structural geofoam backfill. EPACK geofoam has a unit density that can be roughly as low as one pound per square foot. It’s an extremely lightweight alternative to the soil that’s nearly 100 times lighter than most soils.

EPS geofoam blocks are primarily used in the construction of highways, bridges, embankments, and parking lots, but there are myriad other uses as well. Due to the fact that geofoam is a soil replacement, it can be covered to look like a wall or a natural slope, making it an aesthetically pleasing option. EPACK India is the largest eps geofoam blocks manufacturer and supplier in India. The customizability of this material is also attractive since it can be cut into almost any size and shaped directly at the job site.

  • Reasons to Use Geofoam Blocks
  • Made for project locations with weak soil
  • Is perfect for projects with short timelines
  • Costs less
  • Provides soil frost protection

The specification of EPS geofoam has seen an increase within the last few years, with some state Department of Transportation (DOT) administrators adding specification sheets for geofoam and geofoam coverage (otherwise known as geomembranes) to their agency documents.

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